ESPN and the British Open – Help!!

It was a dramatic finish at the Open, but ESPN still has problems bringing it together. I love Paul Azinnger but Mike Turcico never knows when to shut up and Scott Van Pelt tries to be too cute.  Oh for a Jim Nantz or Dan Hicks to provide the play-by-play! And poor Paul Azinger erroneously claimed that Tiger could have taken an unplayable lie and dropped outside the bunker on #6 with a one stroke penalty.  Wrong!  Nobody got in his ear and said no Paul, that’s not correct.  He stated this 3 or 4 times before someone finally set him straight.  And they posted Snedeker’s final score incorrectly, giving him a par on the last hole instead of a bogey.  Sloppy stuff. When Tom Watson – my all time favorite – made a 25 footer to make the cut on the number Friday, Turico talked the whole time as the ball made its way to the hole. Shut up already.  I love Azinger and Judy Rankin and Andy North, even Bill Kratzert isn’t too bad, but the rest need to go.  This is a major, not a Golf Channel event folks!


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