St. Andrews Sojourn

I spent a wonderful time at the University researching some esoteric areas of golf history, which I will share with my loyal readers (a little joke) in the coming days…weeks…months.  Anyone ever heard of the “Rabbit Wars” that were waged over the Old Course from 1801-1821?  Probably not, but they are a fun part of the lore of the game.  Sifting through dusty, musty smelling letters and papers, I found some nuggets of information about the game’s past, which some may find fascinating, or at least somewhat bizarre.  St. Andrews is the Mecca of golf and I enjoyed discovering the town I last set foot in during the 1995 British Open.  I didn’t have the chance to savor the town then, as all I did was watch the golf from dawn to dusk and then take a bus back to my hostel in Anstrusther, the little village a few miles down the coast. I spent half an afternoon in St. Andrews proper on that visit, and made up for that little snub this time.  I  savored the opportunity to get a sense of the place, and it was glorious.  What could be better then walking the 500 year old course on a Sunday afternoon, the setting sun casting shadows across the rolling fairways?  It was my nirvana.  More to come…….


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