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Words of Wisdom for the New Golf Season

March 3, 2012

Here in Oregon it rains from October through April and we see the sun about once a week (no joke!)  We don’t have snow but the cold moist air chills you to the bone, and doesn’t move one to get the clubs out and head for the course.  Our games go on the shelf along with the clubs, and when we dare to venture out and start anew, our first efforts can be ugly, disheartening, and downright frightening.  I know I feel that way when I alternately blade and chunk a few simple pitch shots in the backyard and wonder if I have ever played the game before.  In these moments the words of the immortal Bobby Jones hearten my fragile golfing soul.  He maintained that “The most trying time of the year for the golfer is always the time when he comes out of hibernation and begins to tune his game back to the point where he can enjoy it.  After a long winter layoff, each club feels like a broom handle and each ball when struck transmits a shock up the shaft which makes the player think he has hit a lump of iron.”  This makes me feel a little better coming from one of the best golfers of all-time.  So I’ll keep at it until the broom handle feels like a golf club again and I remember I haven’t forgotten how to play the game.  Hope you all can do the same.  Good luck.