Physical Fitness and Golf

On my Good Golf For website I have a section that discusses the important role of physical fitness and golf. Tiger Woods is the poster child for building one’s body into a golfing machine.

Suppose you could spend 20 minutes a couple of days a week and do a simple yet highly effective, very easy to learn workout.

Even Better…Suppose you step on the course a couple weeks from now having the absolute confidence that your drive is longer, your accuracy is amazing and your days of being embarrassed on the golf course may be over.

Sounds too good to be true? Well, Rick Miller, a well-known golf fitness trainer, has a program you might be intersested in. Below is a press release he has been kind enough to share with me.

If you are intersested in contacting Rick, let me know, and I will pass on your name and email address to him. Thanks.


In less than 10 minutes golfers can have all their golf fitness questions answered. Over 85% of golfers lack the physical capability to play any better. They often wish they had a way to measure their body’s ability to perform, since in 2008 testing a golfers fitness level is as important as taking lessons and practicing.

The definitive white paper in golf, The Golf Fitness Handicap Test© has just been released to the public. This breakthrough test is quick, free and lets golfers know exactly how well their bodies can play the game. Golfers have a handicap index now they finally have a way to measure and track their fitness level.

America’s top golf fitness expert, Rick Miller says, playing without knowing this critical information means you are golfing at a distinct disadvantage. Since the body is the most important piece of equipment in golf, understanding it can give any golfer a noticeable edge on the golf course.

If you would like to view this white paper contact me at the information above and I will personally email it to you. This important document has just been released but many golfers have already viewed it and are playing golf like they were years younger. Do not fall behind, get the test and take control how you golf.


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One Response to “Physical Fitness and Golf”

  1. Jessie Grand Says:

    Physical fitness is of course very necessary because we want to live longer and we want to avoid some lifestyle disease like diabetes. ;;'”`

    Have a great day!

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